the Regenepreneurs Network

Learn the foundations of entrepreneurship AND co-create our regenerative future.

The time to shift to work that is in service to LIFE is now.

Do you know how to do that? And thrive?

All around the planet, there is a Great Shift in progress.

People are recognizing the grind of extractive labor on their health and communities, as well as the impact of modern industries on the health of the planet, and realizing they are connected.  

As a result of this awareness, more people are desiring a more purposeful livelihood path, see that entrepreneurship is all about innovation, and wonder if that is the path for them—but don’t want to sell out.

In the Regenepreneurs Network, we are cultivating new mindsets, business models and ways of engaging through a life-enhancing, regenerative approach to right livelihood.

The Regenepreneurs Network

  • An online member-only learning community where you can grow your entrepreneurial skills within a vibrant group of folks who believe that we can co-create our regenerative future.
  • Join by enrolling in self-paced courses with monthly Jams on Zoom to provide you a thorough understanding of the foundations of entrepreneurship. Courses open for enrollment roughly quarterly. 
  • Another way to connect in is to join a Group. 
  • More on all these in the dedicated sections below!


Here is an overview of each course, and how they fit together. For more details, scroll down to the "Choose a Plan" section, and click on the course or bundle. There's also a video at the end of this Courses section that shows how to do this.    

"Pathfinders" is for folks who want to be part of the innovations that can fast-track our regenerative future, but aren't sure which path to take in their livelihood. In this self-paced course, you work through frameworks to help you connect deeply to Self, Earth, Source, and community in order to to discern your Unique Highest Contribution. You also learn the basics of entrepreneurship and how to decide if that's the path for you. What's equally awesome is that all your work in this course informs the next phase, called the "Sweet Spot." 

The "Find Your Sweet Spot" course is for folks who have a pretty clear idea what their calling is, but want to learn and apply proven entrepreneurial tools (like Lean Startup and Customer Discovery) to better discern which options will enable you to earn your living. We figure that out before you build out your offer, because this saves you time, money, and heartache.  

Connection to our community of Regenepreneurs is core to our work.
Each course includes a live, monthly Course Jam via Zoom. Participants in courses can connect with each other and Karryn 24/7 asynchronously, as well as the wider Regenepreneurs Network. 

A recent participant said: "Being welcomed into such an authentic and open space, connecting with folks who move through life with the high level of intention and awareness that I aspire to, each with their unique skill sets and was both deeply comforting and inspiring. The feeling of belonging was powerful and continues to make me feel less alone in the world."

The "Design Your Thrivelihood" bundle includes both courses, and more.  It also aims to make the courses more financially accessible... this bundle is offered at a monthly membership of $92, with the agreement to remain a member for three months (or longer if you wish).

The skills you learn in each course are ones you will use over and over again in your livelihood.

This 1 minute video shows you how to see all the details about a course (the views of the courses shown in the video is only available when the courses are open for enrollment).

Not sure which course to enroll in? Sign up for the free Map Your Regenerative Right Livelihood email mini-course to get clear.

Or, email [email protected] or book a complimentary 15-minute "Let's Chat" session at


Take place within the Regenepreneurs Network and include general Network membership. You don't have to be enrolled in a course to join a group.

In March 2024, I started a "by invitation only" 6-month group for folks who

  • Desire to shift towards regenerative marketing
  • Want to engage in a small group of co-conspirators who are committed to developing a practice of ongoing outreach for their biz.  
  • Want accompaniment and insights for setting up systems and processes to think consistently and well about marketing, so they fill  their awesome programs when they open up for enrollment! 

If you you'd like to hear more about this and when it opens again to join us, email [email protected].

As a Network member, also you have access to:

  • A software that brings you all the benefits of social media: desktop or a mobile app, inspiring posts, lovely visuals, engaging events, ease of connecting with other "regenerates" at any time of day. BUT you aren't having your data mined, you aren't supporting a degenerative, problematic biz model (yes, that's you Facebook) and you don't have to deal with trolls or algorithms that suck your time and energy by leading you down "rabbit holes." Instead, you curate your own feed and follow the topics and members with whom you resonate most.
  • "Your Regenerative Planning Retreat," a course that arose from Karryn's practice of retreating on the Solstices and Equinoxes to deeply reconnect with the Earth and "Source" as wellsprings of wisdom that can guide our livelihoods. Without these underpinning the strategic planning for our quarter or year as solo-preneurs, our work can feel mechanical or degenerative instead of regenerative. In this course, you learn Karryn's framework and also design your own practice. 
  • Engaging discussions that weave together topics dear to your heart, and resources for transformation that you won't encounter in any other entrepreneurship course.  
  • A few years' worth of rich content around entrepreneurship from a regenerative paradigm, including themes like:
    • What IS "Regenerative" Anyway?
    • The Role of Money in our Abundance Models and Lives
    • Radical Self-Care and Beloved-Care as Foundations of our Thrivelihoods
    • Speaking Regeneration Into Life
    • Reclaiming the Narrative
    • Book Club: Recovering from "The Trance of Scarcity"
    • Our Precious Time and Energy Budgets
    • Amplifying Regenerative Voices

Why I Created The Network

Gaia and Her people are in need of regenerative solutions—NOW. I deeply believe that women and People of Color hold many of these solutions. However, all too often, we lack the systemic support needed to robustly roll these solutions out and form them into a livelihood that can support us and our Beloveds.

Entrepreneurship is hard, and regenerative entrepreneurship is doubly hard, because it goes against all the current business paradigms... there isn't much support for micropreneurs on this path.

For the past few years, I've been helping folks find their paths towards their regenerative right livelihoods and design regenerative business models (I like to call them Abundance Models!). I wanted to create an affordable platform where we can co-create high-powered content to help folks boldly along our paths as Regenepreneurs. 

Ultimately though, this Network is about YOU and YOUR unique role in the Great Turning. The world needs your contribution, and this Network invites you to bring forth your unique contributions to co-create Our Regenerative Future.


We know that the playing field isn’t level, and that too often, mainstream success models depend on competition and privilege.

Regenerative Entrepreneurs know that success is a collaborative venture, and that those who have been most oppressed by the mainstream economy often have the sharpest insights into what needs to change. However, these same folks who want to thrive within a regenerative, sustainable business model don’t always have the educational advantages and strategies that MBA grads do.

The Regenepreneurs Network was created to provide affordable access to the skills of entrepreneurship, but with a soul.    

Folks who have taken Courses and joined Groups have said that the programs overdelivered in value—meaning that they were stunned at how the price point was so accessible for the thoroughness and transformation facilitated by the course materials.  

I want you to have the tools you need to find your right livelihood—and THRIVE in it.  We need folks who want to help build businesses in service to all our beloved kin and in service to this beloved planet. 

The pricing of programs tries to balance three factors:

First of all, the type of folks I serve desire transformation, so I'm not providing a simple  information download. Instead, we aim to cultivate a "container" that provides a robust amount of support so you can develop new skills and strengths to be able to move audaciously towards your role in our regenerative future. That means that a few folks get a LOT from me. This is not a biz model built to scale, but to build our capacities contribute to the evolutions of the systems in which we are embedded.

At the same time, because our world urgently needs more regenerative solutions, and not everyone can afford the support we all deserve, I offer A) affordable installment plans at no extra cost B) partial scholarships if you wish to enroll in one course only. I don't have outside funding support for these scholarships, I subsidize these completely because I know the quality of our group is higher when money is not a barrier to who can join us. That said, anyone is welcome to contribute towards scholarships. 

Please email [email protected] if you'd like to request or support scholarships.

Scholarships are open to 1. folks to whom reparations are owed—i.e., people who have Indigenous ancestry, or whose ancestors were enslaved, or 2. folks facing severe financial hardship.

But finally, since self-care is one of the roots of a regenerative business model, I have to balance my investment of energy.

I'm hoping the new monthly subscription will make financial accessibility easier for all of us!

Are You In?

Choose a plan below. AND pro-tip... payments on iPhones are higher, so enroll when you are on your computer

If you live in New York state, please contact me to enroll and I'll invoice you, so we can deal with the sales tax stuff.

Also, regardless of the smartphone you use, it works best to first set up your account and password via a browser, then text yourself the app.

Questions? Email [email protected]