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Get support to rock your right livelihood that is based on Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share


What is the Regenepreneurs Network?

Trainings and a social network of people growing our regenerative right livelihoods.

Benefits of joining:

Here, we start from an understanding that our work needs to regenerate ecosystems and communities, so you won’t have to wade through mainstream biz advice.

Get your questions about your livelihood answered fast, by a community that "gets you" and offers mutual support and practical expertise--so that we can fasttrack regenerative solutions.

Member-only teach-ins, co-working hours, and masterminds, and inspiring interviews with Regenepreneurs will help you move boldly ahead on the various pieces of your livelihood. 

Engage on the go--your membership includes an app for your smartphone, so you can get support anytime.

Entrepeneurial approaches are often "from the neck up," meaning that we can't bring our hearts or spirits to our work. Here, you will get nitty-gritty answers, but you are also welcome to bring your whole self.

Have you ever gone on FB to connect with others around your work and then ended up watching cute baby animal videos? Us too, but that won't happen here! Come to the Regenepreneurs Network, and you can focus on jamming on your livelihood.

You have space and support  to practice "tooting your horn" about your successes, speak openly about challenges, and embrace the vulnerability and power of "failing forward.”

Who this Network is for:

Folks here know that social justice and ecological design go hand-in-hand.  Here, we innovate new solutions that unite these approaches. We believe we can build regenerative business ecosystems.

We know that "bootstrapping" is a myth, the playing field isn't level, and that success is a collaborative venture. 

We honor and include the experiences of womxn and historically marginalized identities. *This spelling of "women" is intentional: this space welcomes all gender-queer and trans folk. 

The criteria for membership that's more important than your gender is that you are working to understand systemic barriers faced by women and the concept of intersectionality, and you are dedicated not only to gender equality but to gender equity.  

If you are want to crowdsource systemic, regenerative solutions and share practices that enable us to lift as we rise, you are welcome here. 

Humanity is in era of great unravelling. Living and working on the front lines of solutions is hard. Here, we nurture each other's visions for Co-Creating Our Regenerative Future.

Why I Created The Network

Gaia and Her people are in need of regenerative solutions--NOW. I deeply believe that women and People of Color hold many of these solutions. However, all too often, we lack the systemic support needed to robustly roll out these solutions out and form them into a livelihood that can support us and our Beloveds.

Entrepreneurship is hard, and regenerative entrepreneurship is doubly hard, because it goes against all the current business paradigms... there isn't much support for solopreneurs on this path.

For the past few years, I've been helping folks find their paths towards their regenerative right livelihoods and design regenerative business models (I like to call them Abundance Models!). I wanted to create an affordable platform where I can offer high-powered content to help folks boldly along our paths as Regenepreneurs. 

Ultimately though, this Network is about YOU and YOUR unique role in the Great Turning. The world needs your contribution, and this Network invites you bring your special sauce and unique contributions to co-create Our Regenerative Future.

Are You In?

Free for now, in the future there will be an affordable subscription.

Through early 2019, I'm aiming to build this Network so that it offers whopping amounts of value so we can thrive in our right livelihoods.

So for now, if you resonate with the text above, please click the blue "Request to join" button and answer a few questions.

In the future, you will have the option to continue with a member subscription. I'm keeping the cost of that super reasonable (just to cover costs of hosting and managing the Network), because the world needs your good work.

Thrive on!

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